Ying Cai 2013 Spring-Summer RTW

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“In order to be extraordinary, we must always be different in a sophisticated way. I want to create clothes that make men and women feel confident, sophisticated, yet, wearable.” says the designer Ying Cai.

  Cai was born in a family which her uncle owns a few major clothing manufacturing facilities in south Asia that produce many lines for major designers all over the world. Cai growing up watched her mother sew, draft patterns, and do sketches for her and her families’ whole wardrobe. At the age of 4, Cai started to draw, play music, and dance. At the age of 12, she started professional Ballet training with her coaches from the Kirov Ballet, St. Petersburg. 5 years later she was accepted to study at Beijing Dance Academy and awarded a scholarship. Cai’s 9 year of studying dance gave her a great understanding of how to bring out the positive aspects of different body types. At the same time she understood that Ballet was not for her. She was granted a fellowship to pursue her Master of Art in the United Stated in 2004 the same year she graduated from college. During those years in Grad school, she discovered her enormous passion and interest for fashion and decided to come to New York before graduation. She founded her own company in 2012 at the age of 29. The clothing line is launched in June 2013.

  Ying Cai, this New York base line just launched last month. A classic, sophisticated and wearable first Spring RTW collection shown the designer’s classic style. We can’t wait to see her next collection to further define the potential of this designer.

July, 16th, New York

– The Living Fashion

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