RESORT 2014 Iceberg

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Something definitely felt different at Iceberg today. And that was no accident: The brand can’t yet reveal the name of its new designer, but it has one, and consequently this collection exuded a fresh point of view. The designer-who-cannot-be-named took a long, hard look at the Iceberg archives and decided to focus on its historic youthful energy and specialization in knits. In combination, that added up to one genuinely fantastic item, a pair of snug knit trousers cropped ultrashort. Very Gidget Goes Thrifting, those, especially in the wavy stripe that also turned up in several of the stronger looks. The faintly sixties vibe extended to the collection’s A-line minis, notable for their oversize eyelet hardware, but the emphasis was on pieces with a kind of slouchy nonchalance that felt very contemporary. Whoever that new designer is, he or she is definitely focused on making Iceberg relevant.

By Maya Singer –

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